Information for organizers of conferences / congresses / workshops / fairs - how to order MEETING15

MEETING15 is a simple web application that allows to move Your event in to the virtual world with live streaming, real interaction between the lecturer and participants through the use of chat and surveys. The application manages 1:1 phone talks, during the conference, in the selected time. The participants open the browser, invite to the 1:1 and connect at the right time.

The most important benefits for the event organizer:

  • Security of participants - it is the responsibility of the organizer
    Thanks to MEETING15, the organizer can move entire event in to the virtual world, while keeping efficiency, security of a data and APPI compliant registration process.
  • More participants
    MEETING15 is an effective communication tool. It is a quick, easy and most importantly safe tool for the participant. Users no longer want to download anything, install and give permission for everything. With MEETING15 there is no need, that's why everyone chooses MEETING15 instead of installed apps.
  • More producers / sponsors
    The MEETING15 conference is a guarantee of return on investment for sponsors. They can acquire new clients and talk to them in private. They can talk to existing clients about projects and cooperation. They reduce the costs of separate trips or videocalls. Thanks to MEETING15, all participants have properly focused attention, which is crucial for increasing brand recognition or the launching of new products.
  • Increase in attendance
    Most participants plan and book 1:1 talks before the conference. Knowing who they meet, they can get ready. The turnout among people who have an 1:1 thanks to MEETING15 is 100%. The participant has an effectively planned time, therefore he never gives up such a conference.
  • Great conference ratings
    MEETING15 provides reports, presentations, maps and other files. Conducts surveys and lets you chat with the presenter. It helps in communication in the field of the agenda during the conference, so everyone knows when and what is streamed. The evaluation of the entire conference is growing thanks to the participants experience. This is real virtual conference – not a video call.
  • Increase in innovation, the importance of the event and a lot of fun
    MEETING15 is the most modern combination of physical (speakers run live streaming) and virtual presence (participants) using the service in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Participants talk to each other and take active part in discussion panels, polls and chats - this is a revival of the room from the point of view of the presenter, he can comment on live surveys! On the other hand, games bring rivalry and a great atmosphere for fun. This is fully compliant with APPI and STAY HOME request.


Event Platform
Price per event, price depends on final platform setup, customization, number of participants.
JPY 99,800 ~
Sale tickets to your event
Including all charges such as online payments and credit cards charges.
5 %
of a ticket price
Sent SMS messages
Price per sms
SMS to carriers within Japan JPY 20/SMS
SMS to carriers outside Japan JPY 100/SMS
The prices are inclusive of consumption tax.