Thursday 4th November 2021

The General Election 2021 were held in Japan

The General Election 2021 were held in Japan

On October 31, 2021, the general elections were held in Japan.

Since it was the first election since the coronavirus has spread all across Japan and all over the world, there were a sort of anticipation that Japanese people would finally realize the importance to have a say on domestic policy and exercise civic rights they deserve this time.  

However, the end result was far cry from how we had expected it to be.  

The voter turnout stood at 55.93%, hitting the third-lowest record in post-world warⅡ history. There are many controversies going on regarding this pitiful result, some say this resulted from the neglect of political duties among young generations, others say there were no better choices than the party currently in power.    

Whatever the reason would be, this is something we really wish to avoid from happening in the corporate world!! The more open and transparent the corporate culture is, the more vibrant and healthy companies and organizations would be.

Opportunities and atmospheres for employees to share opinions freely actually nurture senses of belonging and responsibility on one’s job.

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MEETING15 cherish the value of grassroots democracy, believing that it is the key to success in the corporate world both for us and our clients.