Terms of service


  1. These regulations, hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations", determine the rules for the provision of services through the MEETING15.jp website, hereinafter referred to as "Website" or “MEETING15 Platform“.
  2. Whenever the Regulations refer to:
    1. Service Provider - should be understood as MEETING15 Kabushiki Kaisha address: Level 26, Kyobashi Edogrand, 2-2-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104- 0031, Japan.
    2. User - understood as a natural person who uses the services provided by the Service Provider on the terms specified in the Regulations.
    3. Event - understood as a conference, workshop or other type of organized event, during which it is possible to organize meetings via the MEETING15 Platform.
    4. Service - means providing the User with a tool enabling creation of Events and additional services related or being a part of The Event.
    5. Participant of the event - understood as a User who uses the Service in connection with The Event participation.
    6. Event organizer - understood as a User who is entitled to create Events in the MEETING15 Platform, sale of Tickets and/or other services throughout the platform in connection to the Event.
    7. Dedicated Person - a representative of the Service Provider providing support to the Organizer of the event in servicing the MEETING15 Platform.
    8. Ticket - understood as a document in electronic confirmation format or QR code presented on a screen of electronic device, which confirms signed agreement between The User and Event Organizer or Service provider, or between an organization or company in the name of the User has purchased a ticket and Event Organizer or Service Provider, that confirms participation rights to the Event based on ticket’s scope and type.


The Event Organizer orders MEETING15 service, to make this service available for all participants of his Event. The Event Organizer pays for this service.

  1. Using the Service requires choosing one of two order modes:
    1. order via the "Order MEETING15 service" on https://meeting15.jp
    2. order via email
  2. After receiving the order by the Service Provider and/or e-mail, telephone determination of its details with the customer, an invoice will be issued, the payment of which entitles the customer to receive the status of the Event Organizer.
  3. In case of ordering via email, the fee for the Service is determined individually.
  4. Participants of the event do not bear the costs of using the MEETING15 Service. Participants bear the costs of Event’s Tickets if the Event Organizer defined such for his Event.
  5. After receiving the order, the Service Provider creates a new event in the MEETING15 Platform and makes it available to the Event Organizer.
  6. The event organizer defines in the MEETING15 Platform all service parameters, tickets, groups of Participants, dependencies, and methods for managing conversations or meetings between Participants, publishing live broadcasts of the event and all other agreed components of the Event. The Organizer bears full responsibility for incorrectly entered data and consequences of incorrectly entered data in the MEETING15 Platform. The Organizer undertakes not to enter data that may violate the law, rights of third parties or institutions, including copyrights, or data and information that may be perceived as offensive, inciting hatred or other information that may put the Service Provider in a negative light in the eyes of the public. The Service Provider reserves the right to block an Event having the previously mentioned data or information, until such data or information is deleted.
  7. After the Event, the Service Provider settles with the Organizer all additional costs related to the Event, such as text messages service and others, which exact determination was not possible until the end of the Event. By submitting an order for the Service, the Organizer accepts the prices and conditions for settlement of additional costs of the Event and undertakes to pay the invoice issued after the event by the Service Provider in its full value and by the date specified on this invoice.

§ 3. TICKETS - NO TICKET RETURNS (All the tickets are non-refundable unless otherwise expressly provided herein).

The MEETING15 Platform allows the sale of Tickets for Events, during Events or related to Events. Participants buy Tickets to participate in the Event, the Service Provider provides software enabling the implementation of these processes.

  1. The User, when purchasing a Ticket, on his own behalf or representing a company, organization, or institution, concludes a contract with the Event Organizer or Service Provider in the case of Events where the Service Provider acts as an Event Organizer's agent or Ticket seller.
  2. The Ticket purchase process is as follows:
    1. The User, after making the decision to purchase a ticket, is directed by the Event Organizer from his website to a website dedicated to selling tickets for a given event operated by the Service Provider in the domain https://meeting15.jp. For example, the site dedicated to selling Tickets for the Event: conference-xyz, will have the form: https://meeting15.jp/en/buy/tickets/conference-xyz
    2. The User selects type of the Ticket, payment method, approves Regulations and confirms other clauses required by the Service Provider and the Event Organizer, completes all required fields of the purchase form and makes a purchase or places an order for the purchase of the Ticket, if the Event Organizer established an additional confirmation mechanism in the purchase process order acceptance.
    3. The MEETING15 system sends to the User a confirmation of the purchased Ticket, or confirmation of accepting the Order for a Ticket, and after the Organizer's acceptance, a confirmation of the purchased Ticket.
    4. The User, by purchasing a Ticket, has concluded a contract on his own behalf or on behalf of the company on behalf which he purchased the Ticket, with the Event Organizer, or with the Service Provider, if in a given Event he acts as the Organizer's agent or selling Tickets on his behalf.
  3. The User - the Buyer of Tickets is not entitled to withdraw from the contract in accordance with Japanese Commercial Law when tickets are labeled as non- refundable.
  4. In case of a complaint related to the implementation of the Event covered by the purchased Ticket, the complaint rules described in § 7 of these Regulations shall apply. The Service Provider will make every effort to help the User effectively enforce his rights under the purchased Ticket in relation to the Event Organizer.
  5. A complaint related to the implementation of an Event covered by a purchased Ticket should be understood as a situation in which the User, in his opinion, did not receive the service for which he paid when buying the Ticket. In such a situation, User has the right to complain in accordance with the principles described in § 7 of these Regulations.


  1. Access to the Service is possible from any computer or mobile device that has a connection to the Internet and a web browser. It is recommended to use newer versions of Internet browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari.
  2. The condition for starting work on the Platform is for User to log in by using a login-id and password received from the Service Provider or a unique URL generated by the MEETING15 System sent to the User by e-mail.


  1. The Service Provider is the administrator of Users' personal data (Event Organizer and Event Participants).
  2. The event organizer is responsible for the legality of obtaining and providing the Service Provider with the personal data of all Event Participants in order to use the Service.
  3. The detailed rules of processing personal data by the Service Provider and the use of cookies are set out in the Website's Privacy Policy.


  1. The Service Provider is obliged to provide the Service with due diligence.
  2. The Service Provider is not responsible for:
    1. permanent or temporary impossibility to provide the Service or malfunction of the Service;
    2. the consequences of improper use of the Service provided by the User;
    3. consequences of the User's violation of the Regulations;
    4. the effects of using the Service access information (login and password, URL address) by third parties, if these persons acquired these data as a result of their disclosure by the User or insufficient protection against unauthorized access.


  1. All complaints may be submitted by the User in writing, by registered mail addressed to the Service Provider's registered office or e-mail address: office@meeting15.jp.
  2. The User may file a complaint within 14 days from the day of the occurrence that caused the complaint.
  3. The complaint will be considered within 14 days from the date of its receiving by the Service Provider.


  1. The User's ability to log in to the MEETING15 System requires prior acceptance of the Regulations.
  2. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the Regulations for important reasons, in particular changes in law, new functionalities introduction, new services providing or changing the technical conditions of providing the service. These changes obtain from the time of making the new Regulations version available on the MEETING15 website. In case of a regulations change, the current regulations version will be added on the Website along with direct Users notification via e-mail.
  3. All disputes related to the provision of the Service and the provisions of the Regulations are subject to the jurisdiction of the court proper for the Service Provider.
  4. These Regulations shall enter into force on April 15, 2021.