Monday 6th March 2023

New function "Landing page" is coming soon

MEETING15 as an IT solution company has been developing new functionalities almost every its operation days since its start to meet client’s needs in events, and today I would love to introduce you to the MEETING15’s another new function called “Landing page function”.

With this new function, not only you can build landing page for your event with MEETING15 domain or your own domain, but also you can do so in a surprisingly efficient way.

Thanks to MEETING15 engineers’ forward-thinking, you can simply transfer the contents that you already put in your event page to your landing page by one click, meaning you don’t need to bother creating whole new contents for your landing page anymore! Just choose the contents that you want to transfer from your event to the landing page and that’s it.

Already majority of MEETING15 agenda modules (such as HEADER, SPACER, TEXT, ITEM, BANNER, and PRODUCTS) can be transferred to the landing page.

Let’s swiftly compose your landing page with MEETING15 event platform.