Wednesday 4th January 2023

New Year's greeting!

New Year's greeting!

Happy New Year, everyone!!

MEETING15 Japan team had another prosperous time last year, building firm relationships with local companies, receiving members of HOTELMANIA from Poland as special guests, participating in the first exhibition in Japan, implementing major upgrade on our event platform and so on. We are so grateful to those concerned with MEETING15, no matter internally or externally, to whom we owe it a lot.

In the year 2023, MEETING15 JAPAN will accelerate its collaborations with event companies in Japan, which have been already taking place, in order to plunge into Japanese event industry and make a positive and strong impact there.

Meanwhile, there are things we would not agree to change, which are adaptability and ever-lasting ambition, both derived from our entrepreneurship as a startup.

The MEETING15 team advance with abundant vitality to encourage the Japanese event industry.

Let us express our deepest gratitude in advance for your continuous cooperation in 2023.