Wednesday 15th June 2022

Event as a Martketing tools

Event as a Martketing tools

During our current attempts to seek partnerships with Japanese event companies,

we frequently came across one same topic, Events as a Marketing Tool. This phrase has been quite commonly used in the event industry in the world; however, it seems that Japan has just started to catch up with the idea.

In Japan, advancement of IT services seems to be made by market dominant IT companies at first, and it often comes with high price settings as they expect even bigger conglomerates as their target customers.

This leads to the delay in the spread of IT services and Digital Transformation among mid to small-size companies in Japan, and the event industry is no exception to this trend.

If you look at it from different angle, this could be a good news for MEETING15. MEETING15 platform is designed to enable tracking various activity data of event participants during the event, thus marketing data analytics is totally possible.

Naturally, we are going to lay a foundation for the Event as a Marketing Tool in Japanese event industry by providing our platform and its analytics features at a moderate price.